Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well, today was supposed to be my due date…but obviously Naomi had different ideas! I am happy to no longer be pregnant.

On the other hand, I miss being pregnant. I know, that’s messed up, considering how much “fun” I had during pregnancy. But there is something to be said about the closeness between a mother and her child during those 9 months. I really, really never thought that I would feel this way – I still touch my stomach, thinking she’s still in there. I know, weird.

Something else really weird – I actually had a good time during labor, as crazy and as hard as it was. It actually went the way I wanted to (unmedicated, having a good time with Michael, etc) – however, I would have left out all the bellowing and the almost having her in the car thing. Those are just things that make it interesting.

Naomi is absolutely amazing!! We find new things about her every day and night. The first two nights were a little rough, but it seems like we are starting to find a groove. She’s crying a little bit more, but she still squeaks a whole lot. She likes to be held, and tends to wake up every time I try to put her in her crib – which makes nights a little rough, but she’s used to being inside me, all warm and snuggly – so of course she is going to wake up. She likes to be swaddled – everything but her arms, of course. She gained 3 oz. and grew 1 inch in 3 days – so I’m sure she isn’t going to be small for much longer!

All the remains of the jaundice that they found in Naomi is now gone, according to the pediatrician, which is wonderful news! He said that she probably didn’t have to be in the NICU after birth, but that the hospital probably just wanted to be careful with her.

Nights have been long, but Grandmar and Grandpa Stepp are in town until Friday, and while Grandpa is working from “home”(aka hotel room), Grandmar comes over around 7:30 a.m. to watch Nomes so I can get some sleep. It’s been a god-send, because nights are a lot of up-and-down and holding. I’ve been getting a little more sleep overnight, but not a lot. Naomi, though – she gets LOTS of sleep, and I guess that’s what counts.

Grandma Hullinger is coming on the 7th, and we are so excited to have her! By that time, I’ll have a few days with Naomi alone while Michael is at work, and doing “night duty”, so it will be nice to have some help again. She gets to stay until the 14th, so that’s good! We wish Grandpa Hullinger and Uncle Matthew were coming too, but she’ll have to wait to meet them.

And, I must say, I started writing this blog 3 days ago, but am finally able to finish it at 3 a.m. while Naomi is sleeping on my chest. I know, I’m a champion multi-tasker.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Dramatic Arrival!

Thank you to ALL for your support and thoughts for Naomi! Naomi was born at 4:38 a.m. on 3/23/10, weighing 7 lbs, 1 oz, and measuring 19 inches long! She was smaller than we all expected, which I’ll probably be addressing later in the blog.

In true blue Megan fashion, the story of the birth is a little dramatic. Michael and I are still looking at each other, saying “I still can’t believe that freaking happened”. I will try to do the story justice, as many of you reading this are across the country, and I can’t tell you in person. Just try to imagine me saying it out loud to you over some Starbucks.

It’s Sunday, 3/21/10, the first day of Spring. Or first full day. Whatever, that’s not important. I woke up feeling “weird”, as I put it that day. I was starving, then nauseous, and just really tired. I actually slept really well on Saturday night, which was great, so I wasn’t quite sure why I was so tired (other than being 39 weeks pregnant – that’s 1 week shy of my due date at 40 weeks, which was March 28). Maybe it was the late night Michael and I had on Friday, 3/19 – we went to a choir concert for the Las Vegas Master Singers, then went to the Imperial Palace Karaoke Club for our friends’ birthdays. I may or may not have gotten my butt on stage with 3 friends and “sang” (badly) Wannabe by the Spice Girls. It was interesting to be singing with a boa 9 months pregnant. I think that is what brought on labor!

ANYWAY, back on topic. Sunday, I wasn’t feeling the greatest, and I was a little irritable. I haven’t cried much in pregnancy, but Michael and I were watching TV, and he got a phone call from his parents, and I just burst into tears for no real reason. I left a message on the phone for my sister, and Michael got off the phone and hugged me for a little while. He knew I didn’t feel well, so he started a bath for me, made me some tea, and tucked me into bed.

Timeout – I would like to say now that I have the most.amazing.husband.ever. He is the reason that I was able to get through this process, he was patient, kind, and just – amazing. Rock star. I just wanted to get that out there.

Ok, time back in. My sister called me back, and we talked for about an hour, she made me laugh a lot, and it made me feel loads better. I played around online from my bed after that.

I’ve had “practice contractions” (Braxton Hicks) increasing over the last 4 days, so I was used to the tightening of all of my muscles, and it just was natural. Well, around 6 p.m., I had a much different type of contraction – I can’t really describe it, especially those early ones. All I know is that I knew in my mind that it was different, and I had to get up and walk around. It still didn’t go away until about 1 minute, so when I had another one 30 minutes later, I thought “Hmmmm….”

I tend to over analyze things (I KNOW, you are shocked), so I was trying to not put too much thought into this process. I decided that I would see if the contractions had a pattern, and if they woke me up at night. There was only a slight “pattern” (at that point, they were about 20 minutes apart, lasting 1 min 30 seconds on average), but they did wake me up at night. I woke up almost every time kind of moaning – it freaked our dog out, LOL.

Around 3 a.m., they were about 12-15 minutes apart – still not a definite pattern, so I knew I was probably in early labor, but I think I was in denial. I was SURE it was just false labor, and I was going to end up looking like an idiot. Again, I over-analyze!

I woke Michael up and told him what was happening, and the look on his face was priceless. There is nothing like looking at the face of your partner when you say “Hey dude, I think your daughter is preparing to move out of my uterus”. It makes me smile thinking about those quiet hours of Monday morning – finally packing our hospital bags (yeah, last minute, LOL), laughing about life, and spending some time together. (And, now I am tearing up. I still have some hormones up in here)

So, around 4 or 4:30, I called my parents. They were coming out for the birth, and if this was pre-labor, I wanted them to be able to have time to come out. I called my Mom first, and although it was early, she was on full alert – Grandmar (yep, it’s Grandmar – her name is Marlene – awww, clever!) and Grandpa have been chomping at the bit to hope on a plane, and it was now time! I got a hold of Dad, and he was in total plan mode. It made me smile – they were so excited to come meet their granddaughter!

Michael called his parents too, and although they aren’t coming out for another few weeks, they were super excited and told us to keep them updated through the process. Grandma and Grandpa Hullinger are super excited for their first grandchild, and we wanted to keep them as updated as possible. We couldn’t believe this was happening!

So, Sunday night into Monday, I got a total of 45 minutes of sleep. I tried really, really hard to sleep, but contractions that are 1 min 30 seconds total every 12 minutes and getting stronger kind of get in the way of that whole sleep thing. Michael got about 4 hours, but went ahead and called off work Monday in case that this was ACTUALLY it (I was still in denial – I didn’t want to get too excited!)

We called our doula Sarah around 7:30 a.m. to tell her what was going on. I’ll just refer to her as Sarah from now on, because it’s easier. She was excited for us, and told us to drink lots of water, take some walks, keep eating, and let her know when it was getting hard to get through the contractions, and when there was a pattern. At that point, we were about 10-12 minutes apart – it kept going back and forth, so it wasn’t quite a “pattern” yet.

We get our dog Roxie prepped for her little vacation to the PetSmart Hotel – she is staying with them during this process so we don’t have to worry about her, and she gets to play with other dogs. I wanted Buffalo Wild Wings really bad that morning (for those of you who saw my Facebook status at 4:45 in the morning, LOL), so Michael went to drop her off and pick up some wings for me while I laid in bed. I was getting really tired (remember, only 45 minutes of sleep at that point).
I ate my BWW, hoping that the spicy-ness of the Parmesan Garlic wings would help speed up the process (for those of you who don’t know, there are lots of “natural” ways to help speed up labor – spicy foods, walking, sex, etc. I was too tired for the latter two, so spicy foods was the winner – and YES, the Parmesan Garlic wings is SPICY to me, don’t judge it.)

Halfway into eating them, I started to feel nauseous, so we put the left over wings in the fridge (which, I am really looking forward to eating when I get home). I started to feel contractions a little more consistently by this point, but we were still about 9 minutes apart.

At this point, I can tell you a little more about the contractions. I knew by this point that this was probably the real thing, and for me, the contractions felt like I needed to take a never-ending poop. And, since I am honest about everything, I don’t feel weird telling you that nature has a way of getting the body ready for birth, as the days leading up to birth is like a natural enema. Yeah, that could be TMI, but eh, get over it.

So, anyway, I knew that I didn’t need to poo, but it sure did feel like it. And I peed a lot during each contraction – so I knew that my body was really prepping at this point. Contractions were getting a little tougher to get through, so we called Sarah, and she arrived at our apartment around 3:30 p.m.

Timeout – I would also like to say that having a doula during this process was a god-send – when the contractions were getting to be too much, she had a whole arsenal of things to help calm me down. For those of you who didn’t know, Michael and I decided to do an unmedicated childbirth, for a number of reasons. Because of this, we decided to labor at home as long as possible, hoping to arrive at the hospital around 6-7 cm instead of the usual 4 cm. I knew that I would probably elect to have an epidural if we went too early, and I didn’t want that. Sarah’s job was to keep me calm, provide emotional support, help me get through the contractions naturally, and check my dilation periodically/time contractions to find a pattern so we knew when to go to the hospital. I would also like to point out that there are usually no “textbook” births, so what happened to us isn’t really all that weird. Well, maybe a little. So, anyway, since we wanted an unmedicated childbirth, I KNEW I would say “I can’t do it” at one point or another, so Michael and I came up with the code word “dolphin”, which I would say if I had hit my wall and I meant “Give me the drugs or I will stick my fist down your throat”. Don’t ask where we came up with the word, because we don’t know where it came from, LOL.

Ok, time back in. I STILL didn’t have a pattern for my contractions, and Sarah knew that it was probably because I was tired, excited, and having strong contractions every 8-10 minutes at this point. She gave my hands, arms, and legs a massage with lavender aromatherapy (my favorite scent for sure), which helped relax me, and had a really small glass of wine (yes, it is ok, don’t freak out people).

Sarah and Michael were talking as I drifted in and out of sleep on the couch, while trying to concentrate on the larger contractions. I found that some were much, much harder to deal with then the other smaller contractions, which made me tense up. Tensing up during contractions can make them hurt worse, and can stop up the dilation/progression process, so we wanted to keep me relaxed.

We went outside and walked, which was rough during the stronger contractions, but felt great during the in-between. We came back inside, and Sarah insisted on getting me something to eat. Out of habit, I said “I don’t really feel like cooking”, which got a laugh out of Sarah and Michael. Michael went out and got Chipotle, because it was fast, and rice/beans have good complex carbs, and the steak had good protein. I figured it was better than a burger, which has pretty much zero nutritional value.

While Michael was out doing that, Sarah and I just talked, and I tried to talk through some of the contractions. They were getting much, much stronger, and I was already feeling somewhat nauseous. I pretty much knew that I was going to end up vomiting up my dinner (which I did, lol), so I didn’t eat all that much. But, surprisingly, it was good to actually throw something up, because throwing up bile sucks (reminds me of my first 18 weeks of pregnancy!). Anyway, Sarah said that if she had to guess, I was probably 4 cm dilated already, which was great progress. We already knew that Naomi’s head was in the right place, and really low, so that was great.

After the vomiting incident, I felt better, so I got on my birth ball to move/bounce through the contractions, which were getting long. Sarah started to time them, and although there was STILL no pattern (there usually is by this point), each contraction was at least 2 minutes long. Two minutes!! That’s a really long time for a contraction. So, since all the textbooks say that “real” labor has a pattern of contractions (consistently timed apart) and they are 1 min 15-1 min 30 sec, I was still considered to be in “pre” labor.

Now, by this point, no positions are helping my contractions, and I’m having a harder time getting through them, so Michael and Sarah would rub my hands during the contractions. Touching someone else (like on the hands) is soothing, and creates endorphins, which help the contractions become regular, be less intense, and helps labor. I had to have “focal” points during the contractions so I could concentrate on something else, so during contractions I talked about how Michael and I met, etc. He was my source of endorphins.

It was important to me to have a positive birth experience, so I actually was cracking jokes most of the time, which is just like me – have these pains that make me want to drop to my knees, pull out my hair, and scream so all humanity could hear me, but still be cracking jokes.

So, 11 p.m. rolls around, and contractions are stuck between 5-7 minutes apart, but each lasting 2 minutes long – leaving very little time to rest. However, Sarah said I HAD to rest, or it would prolong labor. The thought of prolonging my labor made me want to stick my face in acid, so they gave me another massage with aroma therapy and Michael rubbed my back. Sarah also officially check my dilation, and sure enough, at 11:30 p.m. on 3/22, I was 4 cm. This is important later in the story, so remember that.

Sarah said that she was going to head home, because I wasn’t really progressing all that much, but if my water broke, or if contractions were coming closer together, call her and she would come back over. I was trying to breathe through contractions at this point, but I heard her say to Michael “Call me right away if her water breaks – it could go quickly after that”.

So I tried to rest through the contractions, still each 2 minutes apiece. Again, that’s a long freaking time, friends. I actually got about 45 minutes of sleep during this part, on and off, which saved me later, for sure.

But one contraction was so painful it woke me up, shot me out of bed, and I loudly went “UHHHHHHHH” in the middle of our bathroom. I had been able to just moan “regularly” (whatever the hell that means) during the contractions, but this was something different. Michael asked “Are you alright?”, to which I promptly said, “Does it effing look like I’m alright?” (poor guy). I had to pee during the contraction, then plop, my mucus plug came out (I KNOW, TMI, but it’s important to the story). This means I was dilating past a 4, so hooray!

Well, NOT so hooray, because then contractions started to come consistently – every 4-5 minutes, 2 MINUTES EACH. WTF. So, contraction would start, 2 minutes of hell, then rest for 2-3 minutes, then start again. Michael called Sarah, even though there really still wasn’t a complete pattern. We timed them over the phone with her, during one I yelled “FUCKING DOLPHIN!!” which I immediately took back after the contraction was done – but it was getting REALLY tough to get through them.

Sarah arrived at our apartment at 2:45 a.m., and I was laboring in the bathtub. Ladies, if you have children, get through the contractions in water – they were easier to breathe through, and it was relaxing – well, as relaxing as they could be at that point. In my 2-3 minutes of down time, I would pass out sitting up, then wake up with a start for my 2 MINUTE CONTRACTION (I’m still shocked on how long they lasted).

Sarah had me get out of the tub, and had me go over to my birth ball so I could sit on the ball and lay over the bed to try to get rest between contractions. During my second contraction on the ball, I said “I HAVE to stand up”, and stood up, walked 2 steps, and SNAP. Water broken all over the floor. I still don’t know if I got it on the towel or my newly cleaned carpet. We’ll worry about that later, I guess.

Without hesitation, and completely calmly, I said “Hmm, my water broke”. Less than 15 seconds later, the most intense pain I have ever felt, EVER, came over me and I ran over to the toilet. My loud moans and “ahh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” alerted Sarah that this was no ordinary contraction. She said “Megan, do you have the urge to push?!” and I said “Yyyyyeeeeeesss!!”.

Her head whipped to Michael, and calmly said “You need to get the car right now, we have to get to the hospital immediately”.

All I remember of the next 5 minutes is Michael running around, out of breath, with a look of fear in his eyes. I only had a bra on at this point (I was sweating soooooo bad), so they threw a robe on me, sans anything but my bra. As Michael came back in the room, I calmly said, “Michael, can you grab those clothes for me? I’ll need them later”. For some reason, I was extremely calm. Really calm. And really able to handle what was happening. It was weird (and didn’t last, LOL).

We’re on our way out the door, and Sarah says to me, “Megan, whatever you do, DO NOT push. Just don’t, you can do it”. I then hear her tell Michael that if we need to, pull over, and we’ll “evaluate the situation”. That didn’t register with me until later.

And here is the kicker – we live 30-35 minutes from the hospital we were delivering at (I wanted the best for our care). Well, Michael is flying on 95/515 to get our booties to Summerlin. I was really calm through the whole thing, until we got to the Spaghetti Bowl, where the bumps in the road are horrible. Taking those at 85 mph was not fun – and it was not helping me trying not to push.

We get to the hospital, and I am able to walk into the ER (those are the only doors open). It’s 3:45 a.m., and they can’t find me a wheelchair. They took their sweet time, and I am just in a daze because I NEED TO PUSH. Finally I said “I NEED A WHEELCHAIR”, they found one, and we went to Labor and Delivery.

We get up there, and although I was pre-registered, they made Michael fill out some paperwork before triage. This part only took a minute, but I was trying to not give in to the need to push. I stare at these 2 nurses that just give me the look of “I am sure you have hours left, lady”. I’ll say biotch nurse to refer to the one that took me into triage.

Biotch nurse says, in her biotchy way, “I have to check to see if you actually ruptured your membranes” (aka water broke). At this point, Michael ran back downstairs to move the car, so it was just me and Sarah (and biotch nurse). At this point, I let out a bellowing wail. Not a girly scream, not an “Oooo, that hurts”, a bellowing “uhhhhhHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA”. The poor other people in triage must have been scared, lol.

Biotch nurse checked me, quickly said, “Room 41, now”. I hopped (ok, kind of rolled like a beached whale) off of the table, and back into the wheelchair. Biotch nurse was suddenly very nice and soothing. Looking back at it, that should have been my first clue!

I get into the room, and suddenly there are 5 nurses in the room, running around. Sarah told me to keep my eyes on her, and DON’T PUSH. Michael was back and rubbing my back. I heard the biotch nurse say “Her doctor will be here in 20 minutes”.

I bellowed “uuuhhHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA” again – I needed to PUSH, why wouldn’t they let me push?!?! I’m griping the side of the bed like it would save my life. During this, they are trying to admit me – asking me questions about allergies, prior health stuff, and I’m just looking at the lady trying to formulate words. She tried to get me to sign something, and another nurse was like “We HAVE to do that LATER!!”. IV’s went in, and monitors went on – they were trying to figure out here heart rate, and they kept pushing my abdomen, which really effing hurt. A LOT. I bellowed some more. I squeezed my legs shut so tight, and was grunting. All the nurses were like “Don’t grunt, Megan, don’t grunt!” and “Breathe deeply, you can’t push yet!!”

I remember the nurses talking quickly, and quietly, and some of them saying “We can deliver, but her doctor wants to be here” (or maybe said needs to be here, I can’t remember, I was a little preoccupied.)

Michael’s voice was steady the whole time – “You can do it, Megan”, “I love you”, “You are doing great”, “You are amazing”. Looking back at it now, he must have been freaking out more than a little bit. He was behind me, Sarah was in front of me, so I was staring into Sarah’s eyes.

I don’t remember what all I said during the 20-25 minutes I waited to push – but I remember thinking “be nice to the nurses!!” and “Don’t drop the f bomb!” I also was trying really hard to stop bellowing (people, it was loud), because I knew that I was probably freaking the other mothers on the floor out. I apologized to the nurses for being so loud, and one said “Hun, the rest are quiet because they all have epidurals”. I do remember saying things like “HOLY SHIT”, “Shoot me in the face”, and “God kill me now”. I didn’t cry, because it just wasn’t like that. It was like my body was revolting – I started to push a little bit, then had the hands of 4 people trying to calm me down so I would stop pushing. I bellowed a lot more.

My doctor flew in the door and they quickly got him into scrubs and my legs up on the stirrup things. I thought dazedly that I wanted to give birth laying on my side (helps the baby descend into the pelvis), but then stopped giving a shit. I started to push – then I heard the doctor say “Megan, you have to stop!”.

I stopped, and bellowed some more. It went against all forces of nature to stop pushing – and by this point, I’ve been “not pushing” for over an hour. No wonder I was bellowing. She was coming, whether we liked it or not!

Finally, he let me push. 5 pushes, people, and she was out. Between the time the doctor came in the door and the moment Naomi was born, it was about 10-12 minutes, no joke. When she was coming out, the doctor told me to slow down, so I wouldn’t tear. I didn’t care. (For the record, I got a 2nd degree tear, which I am paying for now, but I honestly didn’t give a shit.) It felt SO weird – it is so hard to describe – but I knew she was on her way out. Someone said “Megan, look, she’s on her way out”, to which I responded “uhhhhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!”.

So, next thing I know, this beautiful face was on my chest. It wasn’t as gross as I thought it would be, to be honest. Her eyes were closed, and she wasn’t crying yet, but she was wiggling around, so I knew she would be ok. I was just in awe – I had so much energy – and I just had a little girl! She was smaller than I thought she was going to be. Although she was a little purple (I DID just push her through my birth canal), she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I didn’t cry, though – I thought I would – but I think that I was just mentally and physically in shock.

Usually, they let the baby stay on the mom’s chest during this, however, they let her stay a minute, then had to take her away. Apparently, she thought it would be fabulous to eat some of her poop while in utero – they figured it out because I had mycosis in my amniotic fluid. They had to make sure it wasn’t in her lungs, etc.

But, she was great! They give babies a “score” after birth, and she got a perfect score. Michael stayed with her (we were in the same room, but he stayed right beside her). He got to feed her first meal, got some great skin-to-skin and eye contact, and had some daddy-daughter bonding time. I realized later that in my daze, he began to cry when she was born. Yep, he’s the greatest man I’ve ever known.

It took the doctor longer to stitch me up and all of the “third” stage of labor (I won’t get into details) 3 times longer than it did to actually deliver Naomi, no joke. At that point, they offered me pain meds, which I absolutely took. Hey man, she was out, it couldn’t hurt her, and my body was shaking so badly! I proceeded to apologize to everyone for being so loud – and they all said that I actually did really, really well.

I found out that I was fully in “transition” when I walked into the hospital, and when biotch nurse checked me, I was 9.5 cm dilated, and was 10 cm by the time I got to the delivery room. Had I pushed, Naomi would have crowned, and she would have basically flopped out. There was literally no time – I was really holding her in. That’s why it was so painful – I was going against the laws of nature for a full hour and a half. No wonder.

Biotch nurse even ended up apologizing to me – she assumed that I was a mother who was 1 cm dilated, and just wanted the epidural early. That’s how calm I was when they first got me into triage – she thought I was 1 cm dilated – until she looked (and until I started bellowing).

Michael says it was an interesting and unique experience, but it warms the heart. He also said that it really bothered him to see me in that much pain, and that it scared him – he said that he never wants to see me in that much pain again. He says that witnessing her birth is one of the most amazing moments of his life.

So, in all technicality, I was in “pre-labor” for about 30 hours, and in “actual labor” for, oh, less than 3 hours. The speed of the delivery is unusual for first time moms – but when have I ever done anything by the book? And let’s be honest, I think that Naomi will do things when Naomi wants to do things (sounds like someone I know). My contractions stayed 2 minutes long throughout the whole process as well – which is also unusual. And, had I pushed, I would have had Naomi in our Kia Optima. Good thing Michael didn’t know how close I was to doing that on the way to the hospital, or he would have freaked out, LOL. I was at the hospital less than an hour before she arrived, and they had to take all my admission paperwork, blood, and urine work AFTER she was born. Oops. But, in the end, we got our wishes for an unmedicated, natural childbirth. Since Saturday Night/Sunday morning, I had a total of about 2 hours of sleep between then and Tuesday night. I didn’t even nap yesterday, because every time I tried, I got poked and prodded by someone, LOL.

All in all, it was a pretty good experience. It hurt like hell, and it took a toll mentally AND physically, but it was all worth it. 100% worth it.

Naomi is just awesome. She hates it when her feet are touched. She has her daddy’s big toe. Her fingers are really, really long. She looks a whole lot like her daddy. Her eyes are gorgeous. She calms down when I begin to talk to her. She’s just…amazing.

Bad news came down last night, though – she’s jaundiced, so she now has to be in the NICU under lights to bring it down until maybe tomorrow (Thursday). Basically, my O+ blood is attacking her A+ blood cells, which isn’t good. However, it’s a common condition, so all this is preventative measures – let’s hope it stays that way. I’m going to try to stay in the hospital with her, so it doesn’t look like we are getting out until tomorrow. We went to see her in the NICU last night, and I just burst into tears. Michael told me to think of it like she was out getting a tan, but I hate that my daughter is in there by herself. I want to be there to soothe her when she needs it. Last night was the first night we haven’t been in the same room for about 10 months. I felt like my friend left me, and I wasn’t there for my friend. The feelings and emotions that I have for her are so new – it’s so hard to explain.

I’m just so consumed by the utter love and adoration I have for this little girl. Our daughter. I never thought I would love someone so much. Motherhood is already the most amazing thing.

So, that’s the story. I almost had my kid in the car, LOL. I’ll keep the blog updated with pictures and videos, and here are some Michael took yesterday – we’ll get some other ones up as soon as we have more!!

Naomi looks beautiful...Mommy, not so much. It was a long day!!

Naomi's first meal and skin-to-skin contact with Daddy

What up, g?

Naomi Marie, 7 lbs 1 oz, 19 inches long