Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, it's 100% lady in there!

Yesterday we had another OB appointment, and we told him that we *thought* it was a girl. He referred us to the same office to do a free "sex check" - hooray! So, it's 100% lady - but she was being obnoxious AGAIN and wouldn't move. Ahh, my stubborn child. After she showed us her goodies, she looks at the camera, throws up her hand and struck a pose. Oh yes - my pose-striker melo-dramatic daughter - I'm excited to actually meet her!! I think she's going to pop out with a boa and rose colored glasses yelling "I'm A DIVA!". Yep, that would make her my daughter. Still, I hope she has some of Michael's temperament!

Another peice of fantastic news - I am still sleeping through the night, even at 22 weeks. YAY! I hope that this continues to be good news, because I will not be a very pleasant person if I don't get sleep. Lord help us all.

In some not-so-happy news, my back is all kinds of jacked up. The chair at work doesn't help, but I have intense pain shooting down my legs and lower back, and my upper back (shoulder blade area) feels like it is pulling in 100 different directions. I blame THAT on my ladies up top - I mean, really? Common, I need a break. So, the doctor put me on some lifting restrictions (don't lift things, but if you have to bend over, squat, don't bend using your back, etc), which is hard for me because then I start to feel lazy. I've also had these nice heart "spells" - racing heart, hard to breath for a couple minutes, then it goes away. If it continues, I may have to be referred to a cardiologist. Hooray!! Blech. Whatever.

I'm going to be really honest, because let's face it, I'm an honest person. I hate being pregnant. Strong, strong dislike for the PG. I know that's not a very popular opinion, but suck it people, it isn't fun. Some people have BEAUTIFUL pregnancies, where everything was roses, unicorns, and lollipops - I do not have one of those. That does not mean I love my daughter any less, or that it is going to deter me from having any more kids (maybe not 4, though). Even the kicking is getting old - I know that THAT part is supposed to be OMG, SO COOL! And it was, at first. But it feels like an alien sliding around in there, no lie. I have only a handful of days that I can look upon and think, "I had a really good day that day" - that stinks. I should be in the "Honeymoon" period of my pregnancy (the 2nd Trimester is referred to the Honeymoon period for some, because the morning sickness is over, and it's before you start aching because you have a 100 lb baby inside your uterus. Trimesters are 13 weeks long. I'm at 22 weeks. 4 more weeks of the lovely "Honeymoon" period left. Seriously, THIS is the best it's going to get? Shoot me now).

I may have said all of this before, but I needed to repeat it. Thanks for playing.

But, I can SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!! SWEET! ::thumbs up:: ::eyeroll::

Work is going ok - my "office" or "department" (which isn't really an office/department anymore) was absorbed into Admissions and Enrollment Services, which is actually a really good thing for what we are trying to do for students and their parents. However, it's put my life in limbo, so I am sharing an office temporarily, which isn't too bad, but I have only a few people to talk to. I end up just throwing on some music and pumping through my to-do list. That's hard for me, because I love to talk to people. Plus, everyone MUST think I am some sort of slacker, because I have to go to Dr's appointments for stuff, work from home because the chairs suck, or ward of severe nausea in the morning. Vomiting in a shared office space is very uncool, so I am not in here when I am feeling nauseous. That would just be embarrassing for everyone involved.

I could really go for some roses, unicorns and ESPECIALLY lollipops right now.

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a lady!

...or at least we THINK it's a lady!!

So, here's the story.

I wake up about 6 times a night these days - no, not to potty (or piddle, as I'm now calling it), just randomly. Every time I woke up last night consisted of me saying "IS IT TIME YET?!" Irritating.

Wake up, eat breakfast, drive to the doctor, go to the wrong building, walk to a new building, find the office, and hoorah.

I check in, and I'm told there is one person in front of us. I asked if we were still going to be on time and she said, "Weeeeellll, the machine isn't working right now".

Now, I've always been a little over dramatic and always more than a little honest. We all know this, no one should be surprised, let's move on.

I look at her and say, "Well, it'll be fixed, right?" and she said, "Well, I don't really know...". I then said, "Oh, please don't tell me that - I'll die." (Remember, we already talked about the over dramatic nature of my life - please wipe the smile off your face :) ). She laughed, and said if it wasn't fixed, then they would get me in at another location today. That made me feel better, and we sat.

Machine was fixed, we go in, and I am about to jump out of my skin, I'm so excited. The tech was super nice, made some small talk, and she got out the goop to put on my abdomen. She didn't just put some on, she COVERED it. I mean COVERED. Think about mustard - you want to cover your hot dog, so you shake it, squeeze, and then a good amount comes out. Well, after that good amount it starts splattering, right? RIGHT. She kept doing it, and it ended up getting on Michael and on my shirt. I didn't care though, we were going to see baby bean!!

She immediately started doing the scan, and was doing all the measurements. Good news - EVERYTHING looks great!! Everything is right where it should be.

But, as she immediately started doing measurements, I knew that there was a problem. After she did the measurements, she said "Well, this is a little difficult because the baby has it's legs tucked up underneath it."

ACH!! I KNEW it!!

So, a little back story. Just 2 weeks ago we saw my OB and he tried to make out whether it was a lady or a little gentleman. Well, the umbilical cord was in between the baby's legs - the doctor said it looked like a baby g-string, to which the baby gave the thumbs up to. (It already has a sense of humor!!) Well, once the OB got it to move, the legs clamped up. ACH! So, baby and I had a conversation that day, and again this morning, about the importance of opening the legs and showing mommy what kinds of parts it has.

Apparently, my child is a little jokester!! The tech couldn't get a clear picture, but she said she saw girly parts, didn't see any boy parts, so she determined with a large amount of certainty that it is a girl. With the heart rate (160) and my gut, we agree. Hopefully we'll actually have a picture in 6 weeks or so! As we were walking out of the office, Michael looked at me and said "That is your child through and through - stubborn!" I'm glad my husband knows me so well! :)

My original gut instinct was right -a little lady! Michael had me convinced over the past few weeks that it was a boy - but I should have just stuck with my gut! Regardless, she's healthy, and that's what matters.

So, we hereby retire the name "baby bean" and replace it with "Naomi". This will be hard!

And let's discuss this name for a brief moment. It has been pointed out to me that "Naomi" is "I Moan" backwards. Thank you. Now, the people who have told me this all have male genitalia - am I to assume that "I Moan" is looked at in a sexual manner? Why else would someone mention that "Naomi" is "I moan" backwards? I almost equate it to looking at "80085" on a calculator (it spells "Boobs" for you playing the home game). Maybe, just maybe, I would have thought "Huh" when thinking about Naomi backwards. However, when thinking about people say "I moan" when it comes to my daughter...ummmm, yeah. All those protective instincts coming out. So, ask yourself for a minute - when you see/think the name "Naomi", what do you think? Do you think, nice name! or do you think I Moan? Then ask yourself - am I male or female? This would be a nice social experiment.

So, hahahaaa, Naomi is "I moan" backwards. If you feel the need, please laugh about it - privately. I would rather not think about what males think about that name. I guess it just brings up so many thoughts now that we are going to be parents - EVERYONE is someone's child. There are so many ways this conversation could go - it should probably wait for another day.

We're having a little girl - it's so hard to believe! I honestly think that she already has a fiesty personality. Hopefully she'll have some of her dad's temperment!! :) And I hope she doesn't like pink. And I hope she likes music - but I'll die a little on the inside if she's a soprano.

I'm kidding, don't everyone start on your "I'm judging you" train. Whateva. I want our little lady to be happy, but not give her everything she wants. I want her to work for what she has and know the value of a dollar. I want her to look beyond the material possessions and be happy with what she has. I want her to respect others while staying true to herself. I don't want her to conform if she doesn't want to. I want her to play with boy AND girl toys. I want her to love who the heck she wants to love without fear of being judged. I want her to have personality, and not a pushover. I want her to have strong convictions, and not yeild to someone just because they said it should be. I want her to respect herself enough to know that she doesn't need a significant other to complete her. There is just so much I want for little Naomi - it's so overwhelming, it's hard to explain.

And, if I know anything about my daughter thusfar, I think she's going to be less of a princess and more of a Diva. I'm somehow ok with that. :)

As for Mommy, she's been feeling a little crappy the past few days. We're halfway there, and I have a feeling that the aches and pains are just going to get worse. My memory is absolutely shot - I have to put everything in my phone and set a reminder. I don't finish my sentences, and Michael is just confused all of the time because he doesn't know what I am talking about. I bet parts of this blog makes zippo sense, because I am too tired to proof read it. Yes, I am that lame.

I'm re-joining choir tomorrow, and I'm excited about that. Sure, the music is not challenging, and I feel like some members get their jollies by kicking people out of their seats and comparing repertoire lists (seriously, it's bad), but it's music and I get to spend time with some pretty good friends. I just hope that I don't crash and burn - 3 hours of rehearsal after a 9 hour work day is a little intense sometimes. But, worth it, because it's music, and I'll take it.

So, yeah, that's our news! :) And I'm officially spent. I'm going to bed, and it's 7:30 p.m. Is it bad that I started to doze off during the nightly news at 5:30 p.m.? Yes? Ok then.