Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's a blog!

Well, we've been pretty boring lately, LOL. I don't have anything pressing to share, just that we're boring.

The migraines subsided, which was great for about 3 days. Mr. Hullinger then got sick, passed it to Mrs. Hullinger and Baby Bean, and while he gets to take all these wonderful cold meds, she and the bean have to hope it gets better. Silly husband, passing his stuff around! I'm feeling better, but husband is not. Poor guy!

Lots of things are happening in our lives!

There are lots of changes at my job - I was fearful at first, but I think these changes are going to be really good in the long run. I'm excited for the new challenges, but am not looking forward to moving to my 3rd office in 1.5 years. But at least I'll have a window, be very near the parking garage, and work with some amazing people. Yay!

Michael got a random court order saying that he missed his court date for a citation for no registration and unlawful sale of a vehicle from North Las Vegas police. Except we have never been to North Las Vegas, lapsed in our registration, or sold a car here. Hmmm, fishy! Come to find out our "totaled" car was fixed, someone got a new title, and parked the darn thing somewhere with a for sale sign and no registration present. Welllll, North Las Vegas Police looked up the VIN number and got Michael's name for being the last known person who registered the car. Well, I don't quite know who to be mad at, because we now have to go to court on October 27 to plead Not Guilty, provide paperwork, and possibly pay a court fee. I'm trying to stay patient through the whole thing, but someone would have received the ticket on the car, saw our name, and they would have KNOWN it was someone else. And they just ignored it!! How can someone be that dishonest about something? Something like that would absolutely eat away at me, knowing that I lied about something, and not taking responsibility for my actions. In the end, is it THAT big of a deal? No, no one has died, no one got arrested, so it could be so much worse. But this just happens to be one of those moments in my life where I think "REALLY?!" - one of those moments that you lose a little more faith in the human race. It's examples like this when I'll start to think about when I am making choices.

Roxie is fantastic, but she barks a bit - but she's a dog, what can you do? I wish we had a yard for her to run around in, but we take her out multiple times a day, so I hope that's enough.

Our next trip home to IL is over Thanksgiving - yay! Our parents are throwing us a baby shower - we're excited! If you are in the Springfield area and want more information, let me know!

Really, that's it, LOL. Baby's good, Mama's good, Pa's good. We're just all around good! Each day I'm getting more and more excited about being pregnant. I think the new opportunities at work have also gotten me more excited about getting up and going to work, even though I often feel like sleeping all day, every day!!

All in all, it's a good day. :)